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For the past three years, Dr. Tomas Gimenez, professor of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at Clemson University, and Dr. Rebecca Gimenez, an animal physiologist and a primary instructor in technical large animal emergency rescue, have assisted USRider in gathering and analyzing data about horse trailer accidents. The data is being used to formulate recommendations for preventing accidents and enhancing the safety of horses.

Equestrians around the country were urged to help with the research. USRider posted a survey on its website,, and asked all horse owners, trainers, emergency responders, veterinarians and others who had somehow been involved in horse trailer incidents to participate in the survey simply by logging on and answering some pertinent questions.


More than 200 accidents have been evaluated.

“The data showed that the main causes of trailer wrecks are lack of proper maintenance, operator error and equipment mismatch,” said Dr. Tomas Gimenez.

USRider provides roadside assistance and towing services along with other travel-related benefits to its members through the Equestrian Motor Plan. It includes standard features such as flat tire repair, battery assistance and lock-out services, plus towing up to 100 miles and roadside repairs for tow vehicles and trailers with horses, emergency stabling, veterinary referrals and more. For more information about the USRider Equestrian Motor Plan, visit online or call (800) 844-1409.


Survey pinpoints trailer accident causes

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Brian Reimer Stables, located in Turin, GA, is a full-service facility offering training, breeding and showing. The Reimers focus on “individuality, passion and the picture.”
Individuality. Each horse in training is treated as an individual with its own unique attitude, personality, and ability. The Reimers tailor each horse’s training experience to the need of the horse, allowing each to rise to its potential.

Passion. To see a young colt fill out, mature and do well at each level in its training is exciting. Because some horses are late bloomers, the Reimers stick with a horse, giving it that extra attention when other trainers might give up.

The picture. The Reimers match the ability, strength and riding style of the rider and the ability, strength, and style of the horse. A last consideration is to match the gearing of the horse with the balance of the rider.


Don’t Worry (Casindra’s Sultan x Lakeview’s Nellie Mae by CH Superior Odds) stands by private treay at Reimer Stables. He is pictured here.

Contact Brian Reimer Stables at P.O. Box 69, Turin, GA 30289. (770) 599-0594





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