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You can reprint Breeders Guide stallion pages by going to the individual breed pages above. Use the drop-down menu and click on “Stallions.” Select a stallion’s name. When the stallion page comes up on your computer screen, click “print.”

Breeders can use reprints in promotional packages, attach to contracts, give to visitors and hand out at shows and events. logo logo
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Rising Star Ranch is a Tennessee Walking Horse breeding and training facility located in the heart of the walking horse industry in Shelbyville, TN.

Rising Star boasts an accomplished and diverse lineup of stallions that have produced nearly 40 world titles among them. Our breeding management team has nearly 70 years of Tennessee Walking Horse experience and is dedicated to providing you with the best breeding experience possible.

Read more…

2010 Morgan Breeders Guide deadline is November 15

Deadline for the 2010 Morgan Breeders Guide is November 15. The Guide will be mailed free in January 2010 to owners of Morgan broodmares active the last three years. The mailing list is based on AMHA records.

Now celebrating its 22th year of publication, the Guide will feature a wide array of stallions from show to pleasure to sport. It is the only Morgan publication limited to presenting breeding stallions and is the "breeder's bible" of the industry. The entire Guide is available on line. Click here to go to past issue archives.

Stallion page ads are $375 for black and white, $475 for full color. Color farm ads are also accepted.

For more information, phone the Guide at (800) 627-5273) or email to Click here for a printable advertising form.

Order 2009 Morgan & Walking Horse Breeders Guides

Copies of the 2009 Morgan Breeders Guide & Walking Horse Breeders Guide are available by phoning (800) 627-5273. MasterCard and Visa accepted. Single issues are $5. A three-year subscription is $10. Back issues are available.

To view the walking horse stallions on line, click here and Morgan stallion pages click here


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