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be kept eligible each year by paying a yearly nomination fee. The Mid-West Futurity offers classes for weanlings through three year olds. Jackpot classes for four and five year olds are also offered for ponies that have been kept eligible through their younger years.

The futurity has grown over the years to now offer 16 classes for weanlings through three year olds and 4 jackpot classes for ponies four and five years old.
We are currently keeping records on approximately 900 ponies and the prize money paid in the 2005 futurity for weanlings through three year olds is as follows:

$ 902.03
$ 541.20
$ 360.81
$ 180.40
$ 90.20
$ 90.20


For more information, please contact:
Mid-West Hackney Futurity
29314 2200 N. Ave.
LaMoille, IL 61330
(815) 638-2071

The Mid-West Hackney Association began with a small group of interested breeders and trainers in 1954 with the goal of promoting the showing of the Hackney pony at shows in the Midwest. Mid-West Hackney Association logo The first futurity classes were held at the 1955 Illinois State Fair and continue to be held there today. The first futurity offered four classes and had 33 ponies that made final payments.

The Mid-West Hackney Futurity offers one of the largest futurities for Hackney ponies in the world. It is a ""true futurity" in that the sire and dam must be registered in the American Hackney Stud Book or the Canadian Registry and must be nominated in the Mid-West Futurity by April 10th of the year the foal is born. The foal must then be nominated by May 31st in order to be eligible. The resulting foal must

Mid-West Futurity held at IL State Fair


of June. Exhibiting are the best of the breed from all over the United Kingdom competing both in hand and in harness.

The first two days are largely devoted to in-hand classes, where the horses and ponies are judged on conformation, type and action. During these classes the animals are "run" by handlers whose art is to assist and encourage their charges to demonstrate the brilliance and purity of their action to its best effect.

The animal respond to the enthusiastic applause of supporters and spectators so the atmosphere both in and around the ring becomes more and more electric as the classes progress through the age groups, culminating with the senior stallions. Later in the week Hackneys of all sorts from novices to champions are driven to show wagons or to gigs singly or in pairs or tandems including some of finest carriage horses and ponies in the world.

Hackney Horse Society presence at the national show is in a tent is on the edge of the ring where visitors are warmly welcomed and provided with information about the Society, the breed, and its activities. Available as well are "excellent mementoes."

There are two large web sites serving the Hackney, one representing the American Hackney Horse Society , the other the Hackney Horse Society in England. The UK site gives us a look at the breed's activity "across the pond."

The Hackney Horse Society UK was founded in 1883 and continues to promote the breed in England and throughout the world. The web site is designed to provide a useful and interesting resource for those wanting to learn more about the Hackney breed, both horse and pony, and includes information about activities there. The site focuses on breed history and standards, show diary and results, links, sales and wants, merchandizing, ads, membership information, news, society minutes and the national show.

The most exciting week of the year for any Hackney enthusiasts in UK is the Hackney Horse Society's National Breed Show held at the South of England Showground, Ardingly , Sussex , during the first week

Visit the Hackney Horse Society ─ UK


Princess by Outwood Florescent) , pictured at left, who has no rival in North America, either in champion pedigree or champions produced. Like his father before him, Niatross has produced some of the finest and most impressive Hackney foals in the US and Canada.

Dunroth owner Karen Dunst has spent many years researching bloodlines. Her philosophy has always been to breed the best Hackney show horse possible and, with that in mind, the Dunroth mare lines represent a “Who's Who” of the best English bloodlines combined with two Canadian Hartzett Paddy lines for outstanding sound-minded show horses. Winning get are the proof of the successful Dunroth breeding program.

Dunroth Hackneys excel both as harness and saddle horses in carriage and dressage and as crosses to other breeds, such as Arabians. Pictures of foals, prospects, broodmares and show horses are found on the farm web site at

Forewood Niatross
Located in Bradbury, CA, Dunroth Farm LLC breeds, trains and shows Hackney Horses. Standing there is the noted stallion, Forewood Niatross (Hollypark What's Wanted by Hurstwood Consul x Lamberhurst

Dunroth Hackney Horses: Only the best!


auction and entertainment. Dress is “dressy casual.”
The services of more than 30 Hackney stallions will be auctioned Saturday, Jan 7 at the AHHS Limited Breeders' Weanling Stakes 10th Annual Stallion Service Auction and Luncheon.
There will be two auctions at the convention with proceeds going to the AHHS. Items offered at the Silent Auction can be viewed beginning Thursday with the auction closing Saturday.
In the “Reverse Auction” only 100 tickets will be sold at $100 each. The winner will win the choice of a set of Freedman Pony Harness, Grand National Horse Harness or a Freedman saddle. Holders of the 25th, 5th and 75th tickets drawn will receive $100. Drawing will be at the Saturday luncheon in conjunction with the LBS Auction. Purchase tickets from any AHHS board member.
For more information, please contact the AHHS at (859) 255-8694 and

American Hackney Horse Society logo The American Hackney Horse Society will hold its annual convention in conjunction with the UPHA annual convention Jan. 5-7 at the Sheraton St. Louis City Center Hotel, St. Louis, MO. For hotel reservations call (314) 231-5007.
AHHS events include a cocktail party and awards dinner, Thursday; board and committee meetings, Friday; and regional associations and general membership meetings, Limited Breeders' Stake Stallion Auction & luncheon, and the Associate Forum, Saturday.
The Thursday night “Get Away to the Gateway” dinner will honor the 2005 AHHS National Award winners, unveiling of the Luciel M. Hanks memorial bust, a live

Hackney members to meet in St. Louis


in the limited edition of 100.

Donors of $5,000 receive 7-inch Hackney bronzes complete with bases, limited edition of 25. Choices are Cobtail, Harness Pony, Pleasure Pony or Road Pony. The two sizes are different designs.

The campaign is an endeavor implemented by the board to preserve the past, promote the future, and improve the breed of the American Hackney by streamlining the AHHSF activities to fund the educational, promotional and scholarship opportunities of the Society.

The campaign includes funding the existing programs, such as the Educational Resource Center, video and brochures, plus the three existing scholarship programs which are the Alvin Haugen Memorial Scholarship, The Youth Medallion Educational Scholarship, and the Shamrock Farm Pony Camp Tuition Scholarships. Upcoming plans include developing a new web site, creating training and exhibiting videos, and designing increased presence at the KY Horse Park.

For further information, contact the Foundation at (502) 955-1316. All contributions to the AHHSF are tax deductible under the IRS 501©3 regulation.

Contributors to the new American Hackney Horse Society Foundation fund-raising campaign, “Hackney In Action,” will receive limited edition bronzes created by sculptor Connie Foss. Donors of $1,000 gifts will receive 3-inch Hackney bronzes complete with bases

‘Hackney In Action’ dynamic fundraiser for AHHSF

Truly Yours was sired by the under 50-inch pony stallion, Truly Unique, and is the first foal of the mare Heartland Velvet Rose. Velvet Rose was shown as a weanling where she won the Midwest Hackney Futurity held at the KY State Fair. She is sired by Dun Haven Bandolier and out of the Cassillis Troubadour daughter, Reedann’s Gypsy Rose. Her second dam is May Day Dazzle by May Day King.

Saddlebred stallions standing at Reedannland include WC Phi Slama Jama, Reedann’s Top Gun, Haven’s Hero and The Mystery Writer.

Contracts for breeding and transported semen and more information are available at

For more then 50 years, Dr. Allen and Dotty Raun of Reedannland have served those who except quality in the equine industry. Dr. Raun is a nationally-respected horseman, former horse-show judge and retired practicing equine veterinarian. With the assistance of highly trained, efficient and caring staff, Reedannland truly is the home of superior American Saddlebred Horses and Hackney Ponies.

Contact Reedannland at 2291 50the Ave., Cumming, IA 50061. (515) 285-9001.

Truly Yours is an over 13-hand Hackney pony stallion foaled in 1997. As a two year old, he was leased by Wait & See Pony Farm in Mankato, MN to pasture breed. He was turned out with 18 Hackney pony mares. Seventeen exceptional foals were born in 2000. He stands now at Reedannland in Cumming, IA.

Reedannland in Iowa stands Hackney stallion Truly Yours


Farm, Pat & Jay Kennedy, 7409 West Bethel Ave., Muncie, IN 47304. (765) 759-9601.

Kilimanjaro is winner of the 2000 Hoosier Hackney Futurity, Three-Year-Old Harness Pony. A 49-inch harness pony, he is siring foals for all divisions which include Cob Tail, Long Tail, Roadster and Pleasure ponies. He is nominated  to the Midwest and Hoosier futurities and the American Hackney Horse Society Limited Breeder Sweepstakes.

The origins of the Hackney as we know it today began in Norfolk, England where the horses called Norfolk Trotters had been selectively bred for elegant style and speed. Seeking to improve on both accounts, breeders mated the Norfolk mares to grandsons of the foundation sires of the Thoroughbred. The first Hackney, as we know the breed today, is said to be The Shale's Horse, foaled in 1760. During the centuries, the Hackney was developed as a special breed and has become a favorite in the show ring.  The action of the Hackney, his hallmark, is spectacular and highly distinctive.

For more information about the Hackney Pony and Horse, contact the American Hackney Horse Society.


Kenhurst Kilimanjaro 20276, pictured here, is sired by Mark of Perfection and out of Kenhurst Dixie Duke. He was bred, is owned by and is standing at Kenhurst

Kenhurst Kilimanjaro standing at Kenhurst Farm


Harckey Horse stallion Forewood Commander stands at Willowbank Farm, Shelbyville, KY.

Signature Bloodstock: a full-service breeding operation

Hackney Horse Society active in South Africa

Kenhurst Kilimanjara standing at Kenhurst Farm

Reedannland in Iowa stands Hackney stallion Truly Yours

‘Hackney In Action’ dynamic fundraiser for AHHSF

Hackney members to meet in St. Louis

Dunroth Hackney Horses: Only the best!

Visit the Hackney Horse Society ─ UK

Mid-West Futurity held at IL State Fair


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Full Circle Dressage

Signature Bloodstock: a full-service breeding operation

Hackney Horse Society active in South Africa

Mark’s Snuffy / Fox Hill Midnight
Onstar (Flame Of Fire x Late Nite's Angel).

Click here to visit the Overlook website and email to

Signature Bloodstock, home of Overlook Hackney Ponies, is owned by Michael and Kristen Gallagher. Now located in Suffield, OH, the Gallaghers will relocate in the fall to Versailles, KY.

In addition to standing four Hackney Pony stallions, the farm offers:

•  Quality breeding stock for sale.
•  Young prospects and futurity stock.
•  Finished show ponies
•  Custom stallion services for all     breeds of stallions. Frozen and     cooled shipped semen, phantom     training and fertility evaluations.
•  Seasonal and year-round stallion     management.
•  Service and satisfied mare owners     are the goals.
•  Visa / MasterCard accepted.

Stallions standing at Overlook Bloodstock include: Mark’s Snuffy (Marked By Distinction x Henry's Lady Deborah), Fox Hill Midnight (Canterbury Comet x Token's Lisa), Dun Haven Ranson (Dun Haven Showstar x Malabar's Remember Me) and Overlook

Hackney pulling carriagebreed. When the first edition of the Stud Book was published in 1906, nine stallions and eight mares were registered. The breeding of these horses were very successful as in edition 30 of 1958, there were 301 registered stallions and 430 mares.

For more information click here or contact the Society secretary Marie Anne Fischer at

The old South African Hackney Horse Society  was established in 1906, but fell into neglect and was disbanded in 1948. However, after a lapse of many years, a small band of lovers of this old breed gathered to revive the association and again promote the interests of the Hackney. Among the group of men who attended the first informal gathering were several whose fathers and in some instances grandfathers, were fanciers of the Hackney Horse and who were responsible for the early import of hackney from England.

The Society has members all over the Republic of South Africa, but there seem to be a concentration of breeders and owners in the Southern part of South Africa.

The Hackney Horse has a relatively long history in South Africa, but the early imports weren't very well recorded. Apparently they were imported as far back as 1792 by the Dutch East Indian Company. They are believed to have been of the early English Roadster


Harckey Horse stallion Forewood Commander stands at Willowbank Farm, Shelbyville, KY.

Here is a chance to breed to one of the greatest show horses in the Hackney world. Both Forewood Commander and his sire were international champions in Europe plus in Canada and from coast to coast in the United States. He has wildly extravagant motion to go with a powerful trot and show horse ways.

He is by Holypark Rantara and out of Kiveton Manor Beverly.

Forewood Commander

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