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and highly distinctive. Shoulder action is fluid and free with a very high, ground covering kneeaction. Action of the hind legs is similar but to a lesser degree. The hocks should be brought under the body and raised high. All joints should exhibit extreme flexion. The action must be straight and true. The whole effect must be arresting and startling, showing extreme brilliance.
The remarkable high stepping gate of the Hackney is exciting to watch. Hackneys ponies are shown in four divisions, the Hackney Pony (Cob Tail), Harness Pony (Long Tail), Roadster Pony, and Pleasure Pony. The Hackney Horse can be shown single, pair, and four in hand, obstacle, and some are shown under saddle.

According to the American Hackney Horse Society, the exuberance of the Hackney transmits joy to both owner and spectator. Once you have seen a Hackney travel, all other horses and ponies seem merely ordinary.
The AHHS explains that the origins of the Hackney as we know it began in Norfolk, England in the 1760s where the horses called Norfolk Trotters had been selectively bred for elegant style and speed. Seeking to improve on both accounts, breeders mated the Norfolk mares to grandsons of the foundation sires of the Thoroughbred. During the next 50 years, the Hackney was developed as a special breed.

The action of the Hackney, his hallmark, is spectacular

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