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Please phone the Breeders Guide at (800) 627-5273 or email to for print, CD and Web rates.

•  Home Page feature stories with pictures, video and links to email and web sites that will present stallions,     farms, trainers and commercial products. They will rotate to the Breed or Shopping pages and then become     permanently available in the archives.
•  Stallion Pages featuring stories, photos, links and videos. The stallion features will rotate from the Breed     Page to the archives.
•  Interactive Profile Pages for stallions, breeding programs, farm, trainers and commercial vendors that     include up to five photos on a "pop up" format and the possibility for video.
•  Video presence is available for stallions, get, and sales.
•  Internal and external links connecting breeds, web sites, emails and archives.
•  Simple-to-use archives that keep all features "alive."
•  Trainers directory. Free alphabetical listings for trainers across the United States. Updated on request.
•  Cats and Dogs. Free for-fun pages featuring our best friends from the home, barn or show ring. Complete     with pictures, brief descriptions and links.
•  Farm & Commercial banners are available on all pages complete with links to email and websites.

The links below open forms that require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print. Please print and complete the form, then mail or fax it to us.


To advertise your stallion in the 2007 Morgan Breeders Guide in print, click here. The Guide will be mailed in February 2007 to owners of active broodmare and stallion owners plus to our subscribers. Included in each Guide will be a Breeders Guide Stallion CD with video.

To advertise your stallion in the 2007 Walking Horse Breeders Guide, click here. The Guide will be mailed in December 2006 to owners of active broodmares and stallions and subscribers plus given away at the TWHBEA and WHTA convention in December. Videos will be featured only on Breeders Guide on the Web.

For complete advertising rates, please phone the Breeders Guide at (800) 627-5273 or email to





Completely redesigned, the new Breeders Guide on the Web offers a wide variety of advertising opportunities for stallion owners, farm owners and trainers in the six breeds plus commercial vendors.

Some of our Web options include:

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